What makes FOTODIASTASI leader on this market is our flexibility to manufacture more than 90% of the products we sell in our own facilities in Bulgaria and Greece.


We keep researching on NEW illumination materials and procedures in order to develop improvements for a better care of environment and use them in our manufacturing process.


Our distributors and representatives are spread across all continents. Check out our Global Network and find a distributor in your country!
Chairman's Word...
Your passion for beauty wherever metal shape meets light is something we share at FOTODIASTASI illumination. Since 1987 we have created thousands of lights and projects for towns, cities and shopping malls throughout the world. Each project, whether a cross street or column motif, or a chandelier, is a result of our unique mix of wonder and precision. Each one of the lights we create is not only unique innovative and exciting, it also captures the essence of the forward thinking nature of projects. When you choose to work with FOTODIASTASI, you can be assured of receiving nothing but the absolute finest decorative lighting systems available. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your lighting needs...

Paleohorinos Giannis
President and Managing Director


Leader in prestige and quality...

We are proud to be one of the largest decorative lighting manufacturing facilities in the world. With over 30 horizontal and vertical injection molding machines, CNC and laser cutting machines occupying our manufacturing facility, its no wonder that we have a track record for being very exceptional at working with plastics.

Our facilities are second to none. Aside from spotlessly clean environment, we have the latest and most advanced industrial machinery, allowing us to replace third party suppliers whilst maintaining and even improving efficiency in the production.


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